Need a Halloween costume? You can create one with basic makeup supplies

Become a cat or comic book character with these ideas

Jon Jordan: Halloween Makeup on Live in the D

Do you have your costume ready for Halloween? If not, you can create something fun just by using items you might already have at home. Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan has some costume ideas that rely on using basic makeup supplies.

Jordan said be creative and suggests opening your drawer to see what you have at home first. He suggested getting out the bright red lipstick and even said makeup sponges can become ears or horns for a devil costume.

A cat is just one costume that can be created using makeup. Jordan said to start with lining your eyes heavily with black eyeliner. Then he said to draw a vertical line from the corner of your eye down to the tip of your nose. After that, draw a little triangle on your nose. Then you’ll use a black line in the “cupid’s bow”, which is from the bottom of your nose to your lip. That process will help you create a basic cat face, but Jordan said you can do different variations. If you want to be a house cat, then you can add some brownish stripes to your face. To be a tiger, just incorporate some orange makeup. If you want to be a leopard, just add spots.

Aside from a cat costume, you can also take out the black eyeliner to turn yourself into a comic book character. Jordan suggests using makeup to exaggerate your facial lines, which will make you look like you’re straight out of a comic book. How about looking like a pop culture icon? You can become Twiggy or Ziggy Stardust with bold, colorful makeup designs.

Another suggestion from Jordan is that you can use a sponge to put pale green concealer all over your face to create a “garish” look. He said that can be the foundation for a costume like a vampire, zombie or a witch. Watch the video above to see some of the examples of Halloween costumes Jordan created with makeup.

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