Do you have a checklist for healthy aging? This expert says you should

Build and maintain your relationships is most important of all

Do you make a grocery list? How about a list for holiday gifts? One list you should also have is a healthy aging checklist. What is that?

Well, Dr. Debbie Sylvester, the Director of Geriatrics and a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner with CCA Health Michigan says it’s the key to enjoying life as you get older.

What sort of items should be on your healthy aging checklist? Here are a few she recommends:

1) Build & maintain your relationships - As we get older it is easy to become lonely and isolated. It’s important to maintain and even build new friendships.

2) Rely on your medical team - Many people face health difficulties as they get older. It is important you have a team of doctors and specialists you trust that can help you navigate any changes you may have.

3) Stay active - Even if it is just a walk a day, staying mobile as much as possible will help with your health and quality of life.

4) Make a plan - It’s a tough conversation to have, but it is a good idea to have a plan in case the worse happens, and it is good for your family to know your wishes.

To this checklist add your own personal goals. As someone who has cared for many of her own aging relatives, Sylvester says it really helps to set goals and plan as you age.

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