Gifts to inspire new goals this holiday season

Could you be motivated to find a new job?

Amazon on Live in the D

The holidays can be a great time to reflect on the year that has passed and to start looking ahead to new goals for the new year. Some of those goals could be inspired by the gifts you give and receive.

Amazon HR Manager Quinn Purifoy appeared on “Live In The D” to highlight some holiday gift options and their potential significance. First, she highlighted the Fitbit, which can help a user track health stats.

Next, Purifoy talked about the Kindle Paperwhite, which can provide a variety of reading opportunities for users. Purifoy said it can be great for students. She also mentioned how local hourly Amazon employees can capitalize on a program that provides them with free, prepaid college tuition at Wayne State University, Eastern Michigan University, Henry Ford College and Washtenaw Community College.

Purifoy said another potential holiday gift is a vision board kit, which can inspire people to follow their dreams. For those looking to find their next step, Purifoy mentioned that Amazon offers multiple career paths for employees. Purifoy said Amazon currently has more than 26,000 employees in Michigan. To learn about career opportunities with Amazon, click or tap here or watch the video above.

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