Watch a classic action film and a documentary on a prominent white-collar criminal this weekend

Movie Reviewer Greg Russell discusses “Plane” and “Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street”

This weekend sees the release of a new film focused on classic action, as well as a documentary on one of history’s most infamous white-collar criminals.

Greg Russell, began his Reel Talk reviews with “Plane,” an unoriginal title for a new action film starring Gerard Butler and Mike Coulter. Butler portrays a pilot who takes a group of passengers on a vacation. They encounter turbulence, and the plane lands on an unfamiliar island. The next thing you know, they’re being held hostage, and Butler and his partner have to save them.

Russell talked to both Butler and Coulter about the film.

“I think captain Torrance woke up New Year’s Eve thinking he was going to have a nice flight to Hawaii and spend New Year’s with his daughter,” Butler said. “A few hours later he is fighting militia in the Philippines.”

Butler went on to say that because you’re watching these situations unfold, they’re completely believable moment by moment, so you bring the audience in and they are on the island with you. He said that is part of the fun of making these films.

Coulter said he saw a lot of potential in the script and that Butler and the producer did a fantastic job by leaving some things unanswered about his character. Russell gave this film four reels our of five and felt it was fun and adventurous.

Russell then reviewed “Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street,” a new Netflix docuseries that delves into Bernie Madoff’s criminal enterprise. He says it is one of the scariest series he has ever seen since it is true. The plot revolves around a businessman who goes dark and begins taking money but never invests it. The movie reviewer said it will catch your attention and make you want to binge-watch the 3-part series.

The full interview may be found in the video above.

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