Let’s talk about the big game this weekend

What’s the best part of the Super Bowl?

Time to get ready for the big game! The Super Bowl is this weekend and even if you’re not into football, it’s an event that everyone gets into, so we decided to tackle the topic for What’s the Buzz today.

Joining Host Tati Amare and All About Ann Arbor Community Producer Meredith Bruckner for the discussion were Blaine Fowler, Co-Host of “Blaine & Lauren Mornings” on 96.3 WDVD, Jason Hall with RiDetroit, and local comedian Melanie Hearn.

They got right into it with the first question being, “What’s the best part of the Super Bowl?” While Hearn said the commercials were the best part, both Fowler and Hall said food topped their list. Hall said, unless the Lions are in the Superbowl, he doesn’t much care about the actual game.

Next up, do you like the pre-game teasers of the commercials, or do you like seeing them for the first time during the game? Hearn and Amare said it didn’t matter to them much, as they often forget the teasers, but Fowler said he wishes they would just wait for the big day. Hall again agreed with Fowler.

The group also discussed whether they like a big party to watch the game, or to just watch it at home with a small group, and how important a good halftime show is.

To see the full conversation, watch the video above.

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