Have you tried these jewelry styles?

Getting personal with your jewelry

We can agree that getting someone jewelry is a nice gesture. But, there are ways to make that gesture a little more personal. Trish Carruth, a third-generation jeweler and owner of Your Personal Jeweler in Royal Oak, joined host Tati Amare and guest-host comedian Mike Bonner on “Live in the D” to share ways to customize your jewelry to fit your lifestyle.

Custom jewelry is not always what you think it is. Carruth said, “Customs mean options.” This means you could change the jewel type or finish type to achieve, “an affordable price point.”

Nice jewelry could get in the way of our lifestyles. If you may not want to wear your certain jewelry every day in fear of messing it up, Carruth suggested that you, “Buy jewelry based on what you do every day so that you can build a wardrobe that you’re going to wear frequently.”

A jewelry tip that Carruth gave was to layer your necklaces with different lengths. You could also use a “magnetic clasp” which can hold “three separate necklaces.”

To learn more about personalizing your jewelry, watch the video above.