This little restaurant is bringing some big flavors to the Avenue Of Fashion

Who doesn’t love tacos and tequila?

The historic avenue of fashion has been having a resurgence these past few years, with more stores and restaurants popping up along Livernois. One little restaurant that is big on flavors opened up about a year ago and is already a community favorite. With classics like burritos and tacos, and new favorites like mesa wings, everyone is sure to find something they love at Pequeno Cantina on Livernois in Detroit.

“Authentically it brings a spirit, and beat and tempo,” says Arrington Blackman, the Operations Manager. “And it ends in a smile. I’ve never had tacos or tequila and not been happy.”

Arrington Blackman comes from a family of restaurateurs. His father, Frank Blackman worked at the London Chophouse and is behind projects like the 24 Grille. Growing up around restaurants, Harrington always had an affinity for food. He and his dad really loved the food and flavors they found in Southwest Detroit and wanted to bring them closer to their home, near the Avenue Of Fashion on Detroit’s north side.

“To not have another option on the other side of the city just seems like a disservice because of how good it is,” says Blackman. He goes on to say he wanted to jump off that idea, but add in the inspiration of being on the Avenue Of Fashion and bring a new youthful energy to the area.

Pequeno Cantina opened its doors in October of 2021.

The atmosphere for the restaurant was heavily inspired by his trip to Mexico, where Blackman says he never ate alone. He wants people to feel present at the table and feel connected to the other people dining with them, like he did on his trip. The restaurant is clean and minimalistic, decorated with plants around the border and their ornate logo on the back wall.

They have a craft cocktail menu with lots of fun drinks, and a modern take on Mexican cuisine. You can get your classics, as well as trendy new items like the birria tacos. Their burritos are one of their most popular dishes and can be served wet with their homemade enchilada sauce or verde sauce, or you can get it dry. Freshness is key, says Blackman.

For the full story, watch the video above.

Pequeno Cantina is located at 19329 Livernois, Detroit, MI 48221.

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