Create a new look with retro styles

What’s old is cool again

In celebration of “National Retro Day,” Steve Humphreys, the owner of “Vogue Vintage,” in Ferndale paid a visit to “Live in the D.” He discussed the difference between what’s considered vintage and what’s considered antique. “We consider vintage items from 1950′s-1980 ‘s, anything older is an antique,” Humphreys said. Also, retro furniture items usually have a geometric shape. He brought in some really cool items, that will spark up a lot of memories for some. “We remind you of your mom and dad, and grandparents,” said Humphreys. The store has 2 levels of various items including retro clothing, radios and home decor items to name a few. Many people are now mixing these items with their modern decor, making what’s old, cool again.

For the full interview and to see these cool “throwback,” items, click the video above.

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