What’s the buzz with spring travel?

Travel tips for your next trip

Pack your bags, book your flight, and choose your destination because spring break is here and summer vacation isn’t far away. The easy part to vacationing is laying on the beach and soaking up the sunshine, but packing your bags and staying organized on the trip may be a hassle. Mary Liz Curtin, owner of Leon & Lulus and Three Cats Café in Clawson, and Orland Bailey, a member of Bridge Detroit and the co-host of Authentically Detroit Podcast, joined Tati Amare and guest co-host Candice Davis Price to chat about ways to prepare for your next vacation.

What is your go-to hack that you think will make traveling easier?

Bailey said” TSA precheck”, while Curtin suggested to pack two colors to take with you because people will not notice if you wear something twice.

How do you handle dirty clothes on vacation?

Davis Price said that she uses a bag to separate clean and dirty clothing while on vacation. Bailey said that if he is staying at a destination for an extended time, he will wash his clothes. Curtin said washing is a must, especially when it comes to the delicate items.

To hear more of what they had to say, watch the video above.