How deep is your love for pizza?

Hamtramck pizzeria incorporates Bangladeshi flavors into pizzas

April 5th is National Deep Dish Pizza Day, so it’s the perfect time to get ready for a pizza party.

Pizza comes in all different varieties, and a family-owned place in Hamtramck is incorporating South Asian flavors into its pizzas.

Khurshed Ahmed and Akeel Ahmed are the father and son behind Amar Pizza. Khurshed explained that traditional Bangladeshi flavors include spicy curries, tandoori dishes and fish. With that in mind, he says he came up sauces to make their pizzas Bangladeshi-infused.

Amar Pizza’s menu include a tandoori pizza that features tandoori chicken, cheese, red onions, and a tandoori sauce. They also serve a dry fish pizza that includes dried shrimp, roasted garlic, onions, and cilantro, with a spicy fish paste sauce. In addition, the pizzeria has a veggie pizza, Philly steak pizza, meat lovers, and others, including even a spicy ghost pepper pizza.

Amar Pizza is located at 12195 Joseph Campau Ave. in Hamtramck. Watch the video above to see how Amar Pizza makes its deep dish pizzas.

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