Major League Soccer game coming to Metro Detroit

Watch as the Detroit City FC soccer team battles for the U.S. Open Cup

Detroit City FC is taking on a major league team. That’s right, the showdown will take place in Hamtramck to battle for the U.S. Open Cup.

Alex Wright is the co-owner of the Detroit City FC and said that the U.S. Open Cup is a very major event. “The U.S. Open Cup is such a cool event because it’s a national tournament,” said Wright. He said that the tournament is open to amateur and professional teams. “It’s just the higher up you are in the pro level, the later you join the tournament. So, we joined last week in the second round, we won a game, and now we’re playing an MLS [Major League Soccer] team,” said Wright.

Stephen Carroll is the captain and a defender for Detroit City FC. He said that to an extent, a game is a game when playing major league teams. “We don’t play these kinds of games often. As regard to pressure, it’s not the pressure that we like. We like being the underdog in that situation,” said Carroll.

The fans have been an important aspect of the team. Matt Lewis is a defender on Detroit City FC and said that the club is connected to the players and supporters.

To see the full interview, watch the video above.