Bra shop gets the support needed to succeed

Hatch Detroit contestant thrives ten years later

Busted Bra Shop is a full service bra boutique that specializes in bra fittings, but the journey getting there actually began with a coffee shop.

Plans for the bra shop started to come to fruition when a lady who had broken her bra came into the coffee shop and was given a bread tie to hold her bra together. That scenario sparked the idea that there was greater need for bra shops in the community. The owner of that coffee shop was Lee Padgett, who came up a new business plan and is now the CEO of Busted Bra Shop.

Busted Bra Shop has grown with the help of the Hatch Detroit contest. Busted Bra Shop was part of the contest in 2013. “We made it to the top ten, but we didn’t win,” explained Jada Smith, a corporate trainer with Busted Bra Shop. “However, that sparked a lot of positive buzz in the community. It also allowed us to test the market.” She went on to say it led them to their first location. Now years later, the Busted Bra Shop has six locations, including two in Chicago.

Watch the video above to hear more about Busted Bra Shop and how the Hatch Detroit contest helps small businesses in the community.

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