Jazz up your recipes with this award winning jam

This jam has won 5 Good Food awards

Besides making a PB&J, you might enjoy your jam on toast in the morning, or perhaps you occasionally use it to make some cookies. Well, there is a local jam maker who has lots of creative ways to use jam to jazz up your recipes.

Tara Grey is the owner of Gus and Grey, a Detroit-based small-batch jam company. Making jam started off as a stress-relieving hobby for Grey, and when her friends and family loved it, it quickly became more of a side hustle. Then, in 2015, she had a bad accident and couldn’t work for about 8 months. She had a conversation with her husband and decided to do Gus and Grey full-time for 6 months to see how it went, and she hasn’t looked back since. This April she took home 2 more Good Food Awards, bringing her total to 5. She is also working on a new line of cocktail mixers as well.

You can find Gus and Grey Jams at Eastern Market, Bush’s, Plum Market, Western Market, and more local grocery stores.

To see the full segment, watch the video above. Below are the recipes she shared.

Baked Brie with “Figgin’ Great Jam”

Small brie wheel

Puff pastry (make your own, or easily found in the freezer section)

Your favorite Gus & Grey jam (we used an Apple and fig one, “Figgin Great”)

Thaw pastry dough. Place brie in the middle. Add 3-4 tablespoons of jam on top. Seal the dough over the brie. Lightly douse in egg wash. Bake for 22-25 minutes at 375F. Take out and serve with crusty bread.

Triple berry Vinaigrette

1 part olive oil

1 part balsamic vinegar

2 tablespoons for your favorite jam (we used the triple berry one called Trifecta)

Shake it up, pour over green, mix it up, and enjoy!

Blueberry Lavender Lemonade



Your favorite Gus & Grey jam (we used Blueberry Lavender jam called “Spellbound”)

Pour your lemonade of choice over ice, put in 1-2 teaspoons of blueberry lavender jam, give a nice swirl, and enjoy. It’s great with vodka if you want to spike it.

Ham and Jam sandwich

Nice crusty bread

ham or prosciutto

Your favorite cheese (We used Goat Cheese)


Tart Cherry rhubarb jam

Combine and enjoy!

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