It’s all about the eyes

Tips on how to make your eyes look like a vision even with glasses on

Live in the D – If you wear glasses and love to wear eye make-up, you know it can be a struggle to show off your eyes. Whether you want to make your eyes pop or have a statement eye shadow look, glasses always seem to get in the way. Thankfully, Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan has advice on how to make sure your eyes stick out without being too much.

First thing Jon Jordan wanted host Tati Amare, guest-host Braylon Edwards, and “Live in the D’s” Michelle Oliver to know is that your corrective lens determines the shape and size of your eyes. Jordan continued to explain near-sighted eyes make your eyes appear smaller and far-sighted eyes appear large and expanded.

Oliver, who is near-sighted, demonstrated one of the tips given by Jordan, which was to apply a soft eyeshadow to your lower-lash line. This technique gives an illusion that your eyes is larger than it is. When it comes to far-sightedness you should not wear heavy eyeliner because your eyes will only appear bigger.

For more tips on how to balance your makeup with glasses, and other considerations when wearing glasses, check out the video above.