Metro Detroit spot serves up a twist on sushi

Menu includes sushi sandwiches and sushi nachos

Have you ever heard of a sushi sandwich? How about sushi nachos? Those are just some of the items on the menu at Sushi Coup in Madison Heights.

Sushi Coup has grabbed viral attention for the unique ways it’s serving up sushi dishes. One item that really stands out on the menu is the sushi sando, which features a fried bun that’s made out of rice. The rice patty is pressed into a piece of nori, or dry seaweed, that’s coated in panko and deep fried, explained Johnny Vo, a manager at the restaurant. The sandwich includes creamy avocado, jalapeño cream cheese, cucumber, Krab and seaweed salad, and masago with tuna, salmon, or shrimp tempura.

Another way that Sushi Coup is serving sushi in a different way is with their sushi nachos. This dish includes seasoned tortilla chips with cheese, and salsa verde or mango habanero. The nachos are topped with Krab salad and your choice of protein. It’s made with edamame, mangos, jalapeño cream cheese, eel sauce, red onions, jalapeños, and masago.

The restaurant also offers poke bowls, sushi bowls, sushi hand rolls, and more. Sushi Coup is located at 29141 Dequindre Road in Madison Heights. Watch the video above to learn more about the restaurant.

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