Marijuana in Michigan: First day of legal recreational use

Recreational marijuana becomes legal in Michigan

DETROIT – Recreational marijuana is now legal in Michigan, but even with the new law, there's still plenty that people can't do, such as buy pot.

Residents can grow the plant themselves, or they can find a friend with a medical marijuana card who can buy it from a dispensary and they can give it to them. It's still illegal to bring marijuana into Michigan from Canada, which recently legalized recreational use earlier this year.

Dispensaries in Michigan were very crowded Thursday.

Katie Maillis works with the dispensary BotaniQ on Rosa Parks Boulevard in Detroit. She said the biggest misconception people have is that anyone can come in and purchase marijuana.

You can't buy or sell it. You can't smoke in public and you can't carry too much. 

"People can have 2.5 ounces a day, 10 per week," Maillis said. "A lot of people might not need that."

Michigan State Police chimed in, reminding residents to not drive while high, tweeting "driving under the influence shares similar penalties to drunk driving."

Judge Vonda Evans even put out a public service announcement on marijuana use in the state. 

The Facts About The New Recreational Marijuana Possession Law #ShareIfYouCare

Posted by Vonda Evans on Thursday, December 6, 2018

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