Legoland in Auburn Hills is looking to hire people to play all day


Imagine having the ability to work and play at the same time. Well, Legoland Discovery Center Michigan is looking to make that happen.

It is looking to hire 35 Playmakers for the busy summer season and 15 of which will be in entertainment areas. 

A playmaker is someone who engages with the kids and parents to assure that they have an awesome visit. They will do things like assisting in building a Lego tower that can survive the harshest of conditions and making and racing the fastest Lego car. The play experts bring the Legos to life and show guests how to play with Legos in ways that they can't at home. 

Play is no joke at the Legoland Discovery Center and playmakers will even complete a course to learn about the fundamentals of play. The course will focus on the key skills to facilitate play including how children develop through play, how to communicate to children of different ages inspiring and engaging children with play and how to include adults in play. By becoming an expert in the theory and practice of play, playmakers ensure that families have a great time at Legoland Discovery Center. 

Hayley Anderson, the general manager of Legoland Discovery Center Michigan, believes that the playmaker program gives her staff the skills to ensure every family that visits will have an awesome Lego play experience. 

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