Chauncey Owens faces life in prison

Plea deal revoked for Detroit man


DETROIT – A man who has admitted to killing a teenager for "looking at him the wrong way" was back in court Thursday, where charges were re-filed against him and he was ordered to stand trial for murder.

Chauncey Owens stands accused of fatally shooting Jerean Blake in 2010. Owens had previously entered a plea agreement to get a lesser sentence, provided he say who gave him the gun. But he's refused to answer that question and a judge has thrown out his guilty plea and ordered a trial.

Owens' case has been linked to the father of 7-year-old Aiyana Jones. The girl was was shot and killed in May 2010 by a Detroit police officer during a raid on her home. The officer is facing involuntary manslaughter charges.

Police were looking for Aiyana's father, Charles Jones, in connection with Blake's slaying because they said Jones gave Owens the gun used in the shooting.

Owen's attorney, David Cripps, said if his client opens himself up to intense questioning he could incriminate himself.