Local 4 Defenders interview Bob Bashara: Part 2

Bashara answers more questions about his wife Jane's murder investigation

DETROIT – The Local 4 Defenders sat down with Bob Bashara who was joined by his mother and sister. Bashara answered questions about his late wife Jane Bashara.

Defender Marc Santia talked to Bashara for more than an hour. No question was left unanswered.

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Bashara said he is speaking out with Local 4 to clear up any misconceptions and to remember Jane.

Marc Santia: So what do you believe happened to Jane?

Bob Bashara: I have no idea. None. She was a wonderful gal. Smart, full of life. Loved to play cards. Loved to travel.

Santia asked Bashara about the news conference he held in front of his Grosse Pointe Park home a week after his wife was found dead.

MS: People have talked about it. We watched it, and you were out there and you dabbed you eyes but we didn't see tears.

BB: You know I have cried so much this past week and a half that I have emotions that well up in me, and the emotions are so strong and so distraught that I don't know if I can cry anymore. I mean, I've cried so much. I didn't want there to be tears. I didn't want to show. I just dabbed my eyes because I thought there was a tear. I don't know. I didn't even think about that. Just a natural knee-jerk reaction.

Santia asked Bashara about the first polygraph he took which he failed.

BB: We were done, he said to me, "I think you failed to poly. I don't think you told the truth," and I said to him, "I told you everything that I know." I've been truthful on everything.

Bashara's attorney, David Griem, had him take a second polygraph and Griem said, with confidence, that Bashara passed it. However, police are still calling Bashara a person of interest in his wife's murder.

BB: The fact that they've named me a person of interest is unthinkable to me. That they think I could've harmed my sweetheart.

Santia asked Bashara about a man named Joe, who was paid to do odd jobs around Bashara's properties.

MS: How many times do you think he called?

BB: A dozen over the past three weeks.

MS: How many times would you say you texted him in the past three weeks?

BB: A couple, because he texted me. Called me to do this, and I just said leave me alone.