Kilpatrick's restitution hearing moved to March 12th

Judge postpones Kilpatrick's restitution hearing till after federal corruption trial ends


DETROIT – Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was in a different courtroom Wednesday, this time to answer for making a late $500 restitution payment to the city of Detroit.

Judge David Groner heard the case in Wayne County Circuit Court.

He told Kilpatrick to return to court for a hearing on his book sales after his federal corruption trial come to an end.

The judge said he wants Kilpatrick on the stand and under oath to explain where the money from teh book sales went.

Groner is the same judge who sent Kilpatrick to prison for violating probation in a case that forced him out of office.

Kilpatrick spent his morning in Federal Court prior to his appearance before Judge Groner.

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Kilpatrick still owes the city of Detroit more than $800,000 for obstructing justice in a civil lawsuit.

Attorney Dan Hajji says Kilpatrick hasn't "received a nickel" from book sales but is challenging a state law that bars convicts from profiting from books that mention their crimes.

The state appeals court wants Groner to re-examine the book issue and whether sales must go toward restitution.

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Judge Groner moved the hearing date to March 12th at 9 a.m.

Wayne County prosecutor's spokeswoman Maria Miller says Kilpatrick missed the payment last month.

She says any action is up to the state Corrections Department, which oversees Kilpatrick's parole.

Kilpatrick could face jail time for the probation violation.

Sources told Local 4 that Kilpatrick's ongoing federal corruption trial likely will stand between him and time behind bars. If he is jailed for breaking probation, an already lengthy trial could be delayed.

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In 2008, Kilpatrick was ordered to pay $1 million to Detroit as part of a conviction in a criminal case that forced him out of office. He still owes more than $800,000.

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Kilpatrick now is on trial on federal corruption charges. Defense attorney James Thomas declined comment, saying he's uninvolved in Kilpatrick's restitution matter.