Kwame Kilpatrick courthouse sighting sparks speculation

Courthouse appearance was meeting about Kilpatrick's bond


DETROIT – Kwame Kilpatrick was seen leaving the federal courthouse in downtown Detroit Wednesday, but his appearance had nothing to do with the ongoing jury deliberations in his federal corruption trial.

Kilpatrick was seen leaving the courthouse and getting into the passenger seat of a waiting pickup truck. He did not offer any comment to reporters who tried to catch up with him.

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Jim Thomas, Kilpatrick's attorney in the corruption case, said Kilpatrick was making a routine visit to meet with the pretrial services office as a requirement of his bond..

"From time to time he has to check in and that continues even though we are not at trial. He's on bond from the court and they monitor him and have been since the case was brought," Thomas said.

While the jury has completed 12 days of deliberations without reaching verdicts in the charges against Kilpatrick, his father Bernard Kilpatrick and friend Bobby Ferguson, Jim Thomas said Kwame Kilpatrick has joined his defense team waiting for the verdicts to be returned.

"He is in the office most days for at least half the day and obviously we have no place else to go. We're tethered pretty close to the court ourselves," Thomas said.

Jim Thomas added that the lengthy jury deliberations have forced him to delay other cases he has, but he understands the jurors are being thorough.

"Obviously it's not ideal. You have to let the process work for itself. They'll tell us when they are ready and that will be whenever they are ready and not before," Thomas said.

Jury deliberations resume Thursday morning.