Walled Lake school lockdowns prompted by road rage gun report

Police seek Walled Lake driver who reportedly made threat about gun

WALLED LAKE, Mich. – A reported road rage incident Friday morning in Walled Lake led to lockdowns at nearby schools.

A driver who stopped behind a car at a traffic light at Decker Rod and Pontiac Trail called police to report the driver in the car in front of him got out of his car and told him "I've got a kid in the car and a loaded .38 and I'll kill you."

While no gun was seen, the driver who reportedly made the threat drove on to Mary Helen Guest Elementary School while the threatened driver called police.

David Berman is a driver in the area who said road rage can be dangerous.

"People jet to a snap point and you never know what someone else's snap point is," Berman said.

Police responded quickly, but both cars involved in the confrontation had apparently left the area.

Kenneth Hrobsky was bringing his child to school at the time.

 "I  was walking in the door and I seen a cop pulling in. I didn't see the incident, but I know the cops responded fast," Hrobsky said.

Because of he report, Helen Guest Elementary School was briefly placed on a lockdown, along with the nearby Saint William and Saint Matthew schools.

Walled Lake school officials said the man who reportedly made the gun threat had no affiliation with the school.

Police have a sketchy description of that man and his car.

He was described as a stocky white man in his early 30s, driving a white car.