Attackers tie up, beat Shelby Township man at home

3 people attack man as he pulls up to his home early Wednesday morning near 22 Mile, Van Dyke

SHELBY TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A Shelby Township man is hospitalized after being tied up, beaten and robbed at his home.

Local 4 has learned that 53-year-old Larry Jordan was jumped by three people in ski masks at his home Tuesday night on Shelby Creek Drive, which is in the area of 22 Mile and Van Dyke.

Police say the suspects stole firearms from inside the home and drove off with Jordan's Cadillac. The car was later found dumped in this same subdivision.

A friend of Jordan's went to his home and reacted in horror at the scene she found inside the garage, where the attack took place.

The garage floor was covered in blood and Jordan's running shoes were still inside.

Police said Jordan appeared to have been targeted because the men were waiting for him and knew when he would be home -- which was about 10:30 p.m.

The home has an alarm system and security cameras, but the crooks used a sledgehammer to bust through a wall in the garage.

Police say the man jumped Jordan, beat him in the garage, tied him up and then took the time to break through the drywall to gain access into the home while bypassing the security system.

Jordan's friend said she does not know why he was targeted for such a vicious, personal crime in such a quiet place. "Just an average guy. I just, I can't, I don't really know what to say about it at this point," she said while shaking her head in disbelief.

Jordan owns a local auto salvage yard and neighbors say he worked long hours and lived alone.

"He did receive quite a beating he's hospitalized right now," said Shelby Township Chief Roland Woelkers who confirmed that Jordan's home was also broken into a month ago. Friends say after that, he fortified his home with steel doors, a security system and an extensive system of cameras.

Police won't say why this happen but they want the neighborhood to know, this was no random crime. "We want to reassure the community that this is a specific crime to this individual and this residence. We have some good information that it is not random. It is specific to him," said Woelkers.

Jordan's ex-wife says he is in stable condition and will be in the hospital for a few days. Police say they do have leads, but with a half dozen cameras on the home there is no video of the attack.