Corrections officer accused of stalking, threatening ex-fiancé

Detroit police say man struck her car, demanded ring back


DETROIT – A corrections officer was arrested after being accused of stalking and threatening his ex-fiancé, and Detroit police said he wanted something back.

The officer is normally the one escorting inmates but now he's the one in handcuffs. Local 4 was there when police took the state corrections officer into custody.

He said nothing, but Cpt. Harold Rochon is telling it all.

Police said over the weekend the officer followed his ex-fiancé and chased her down Van Dyke, repeatedly ramming the woman's car.

"Suspect was involved in felonious assault and domestic violence," said Rochon. "Struck her vehicle several times, pushing her into the middle of traffic."

According to investigators the officer made his ex-fiancé crash. Afterwards, he approached her with a gun and tried to drag her out of the car, all while screaming, "Give me back my ring."

Nearby neighbors came to the woman's rescue when they heard her screaming for help.

"One of the things I say is we're human too. It's not impossible for us to lose it, but we're held to a higher standard for sure," said Rochon.