Every Detroit school graduate heading to college

It may be a small graduating class of only 94 students, but the seniors of Detroit Edison Public School, The Early College of Excellence, proudly represent the school's first ever group of graduating seniors.

But these seniors are not just new high school graduates, they also take pride in being 100% college bound.

Many high school students don't fully understand the importance of preparing yourself for a college education. Sometimes, it's not just something you can simply prepare for, it's a matter of doing.

There's a huge divide between teens who want to go to college and those who actually have the drive to get there. However, these particular seniors already have that drive and have gotten a head start by exposing themselves to dual enrollment at universities from across the country.

One graduating senior already has 29 college credits from schools like Harvard and the University of Michigan, all while still sitting in a high school classroom. Another student, a high school junior, has eight credits from Harvard and is planning to go back for another eight.

These students are hoping to set an example for kids at other metro Detroit schools by showing that dreams of a higher education are possible, and that there's no such thing as achieving your future goals too early.

They definitely have proven that to be true.

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