Bothuell father to face federal charges?

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DETROIT – No charges have been filed since Charlie Bothuell was found in his father's basement after being missing for 11 days, but that could soon change.

The investigation took a turn Sunday night as Local 4 Defenders learned that Bothuell's father could face local and federal charges. It all goes back to a very detailed and lengthy interview last week -- one conducted by federal agents with the 12-year-old boy.

The feds are reportedly concerned about the different stories they allegedly received from Charlie's father, and as a result of the interview with the boy they are considering the possibility that Charlie's father could face federal charges. Insiders told Local 4 the charge could stem from the dad lying to a federal agent.

Local 4 also learned the FBI agents have briefed the Detroit Police Department and that possible charges by the Wayne County prosecutor include third-degree child abuse, felonious assault and false imprisonment.

Both Charlie's father and stepmother could face charges.

Investigators are reportedly taking their time on the case, making sure they have all the evidence they need.

The child is no longer in the care of his father or stepmother, which gives investigators more time to put their case together.

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