Water shut off for Detroit woman who's never received bill

Dewilda Hershey tried to get billed, but now owes more than $700


DETROIT – The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department has been getting national headlines for cracking down on those who haven't been paying their bills, but one Detroit woman says her service has been shut off and she's been begging for a bill.

Dewilda Hershey moved into her west side home last year and has never received a water bill.

"I could see if I was one of the ones that didn't pay but I was trying to get a bill," Hershey said.

Her water was shut off with no notice this week. She got on the phone again and got nowhere.

"The hold time is ridiculous. One time I was on hold for an hour and a half," said Hershey.

No one at DWSD has ever been able to explain why she's not getting a bill and correct the problem. This time, after a long wait, she was told she owes more than $700 -- money she doesn't have.

Hershey tried to make a payment arrangement and got nowhere, so that's when she called Local 4.

Local 4 called DWSD and they said their records show bills have been sent out but they're being returned by the post office. Hershey said that makes no sense since her other utility bills make it to the house just fine.

The administration at DWSD said Wednesday night it is pledging to work it all out.

"Superior customer service is always the goal of DWSD. The circumstances surrounding this particular case are both perplexing and unusual, but we are more than willing to work with Dewilda Hershey in order to restore water service as expediently as possible," said DWSD's Greg Eno.

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