Young boy leaves note at restaurant: 'Please help me'


BERKLEY, Mich. – Police in Berkley are trying to find a young boy who left a note in a restaurant indicating that he needed help.

They're trying to figure out who he is and who he's with to determine if he's really in danger.

The note reads, "I'm with some people. Please help me."

Now police are trying to figure out if it's a hoax or if the boy is really in trouble.

"They seemed pretty normal. Average. Nothing out of the ordinary," said Shareen Naamou, a waitress at Alex's, the restaurant where they boy left the note.

Naamou said she didn't notice anything strange when the party of five took the corner booth at Alex's off Berkley on 12 mile around 1:30 Monday afternoon -- not even the oldest boy, who she never heard say a word. That is until she saw the note he left behind.

"Our jaw dropped, really," Naamou said.

At the table was a white woman around 60 with a white baby, a black woman around 40 with three black children around the ages of 8, 4 and 2.

"As he was writing on the napkin, he was kind of looking over his shoulder to see if anyone was watching him," Naamou said.

The "anyone is who police are after."

For now, police are calling it suspicious, but not a kidnapping.

"It was written on a napkin from the restaurant and it's suspicious in nature, and like I said, we're reaching out to try and identify these people so we can clear this matter up," said Berkley Department of Public Safety Deputy Chief Robert North.

The woman paid with cash so they can't track a credit card, and there's no ID on the vehicle the group was in.

Anyone who may know the identity of anyone in the group is asked to contact Berkley police.

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