Wayne County Executive Evans asks state to declare financial emergency


DETROIT – Wayne County Executive Warren Evans has asked the state treasurer for the declaration of a financial emergency.

A financial emergency would support a request for the county to enter into a consent agreement with the state of Michigan, according to a Wayne County news release.

Evans' administration says this is a necessary, formal step to help Wayne County deal with its $52 million deficit.

If State Treasurer Nick Khouri agrees, the county would enter into a consent agreement, which Evans says will help it deal with entities it owes money.

"Our Recovery Plan provides a clear path to financial stability for the County, but we are keenly aware that our time frame to get the job done is quickly fading," said Evans in a news release. "Throughout this process we are constantly evaluating where we stand and proactively seeking solutions to work ourselves out of this massive deficit. I am requesting this Consent Agreement because the additional authority it can provide the County may be necessary to get the job of fixing the county's finances done."

Evans delivered a formal letter to Khouri on Wednesday. Treasury spokesman Terry Stanton says Khouri will review Evans' letter to "determine whether or when a preliminary review will start."

Wayne County announced it reached an agreement last week with about 5,000 retirees that will cut health care benefits and save the county about $20 million each year.