Two people spooked during pot shop break-in

DETROIT – Police were on the scene early Thursday morning after two people broke into a medical marijuana shop on the corner of Eight Mile Road and Santa Rosa Drive in Detroit.

The owner got a call from his alarm company.

"I came and checked it out. I got here and there was a big hole in the wall," said the owner.

The two crooks got in by breaking through the cinderblock and a couple of layers of dry wall.

The surveillance video shows the man and woman enter behind the counter and look around with flashlights. The woman doesn't come into full view but can be seen wearing braids and a hat.

The man, on the other hand, wasn't as smart and couldn't skirt past the more than two dozen cameras the owner has in his shop.

The two leave empty-handed and not once did they attempt to get into the cash register.

The owner of the medical marijuana shop, Strongs Compassion Club, said "They couldn't get anything. All the security is excellent. I'm going to keep it like it is and probably add a dog or two."

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