Local band brawls with gunmen in Ferndale

FERNDALE, Mich. – A local band was attacked in Ferndale after a rehearsal Saturday night, but band members changed the gunmen's tune by fighting back.

It happened around 9:30 p.m. in the 200 block of Livernois Street in Ferndale.

Two men, one armed with a shotgun and the other with a handgun forced their way into the home of John Annesser.

Annesser is known as "Wildcat" in the local music business. His six member group "Motives of Existence" had just finished a rehearsal Saturday night when a man with a pistol burst into the home and another man with a shotgun was at the door.

"They said, 'Everybody down on the floor,'" Anesser said. "I did the opposite, I went up."

The gunmen wanted cash, but instead they got a fight.

"I managed to push that guy back out with a plastic laundry basket against the shotgun," Annesser said. "I don’t know how I did that, but it was the closest thing to me. I was thinking ‘God, too bad this isn’t made out of lead."

Annesser was pistol-whipped during the brawl and suffered a minor head injury, as well as a broken arm. He was taken to the hospital.

The gunmen got away with a cell phone and $2.

Police are investigating.

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