Ad for home giveaway creates chaos in Highland Park

3 arrested outside City Hall

HIGHLAND PARK, Mich. – The advertisement of a free home and $100,000 drew hundreds of people to Highland Park City Hall on Monday, but police were called when things go out of hand after several complained about the false hope.

The fliers came from Ramzu Yunus, who leads a group called Al-Ummah.

“This is Black Independence Day … We have the right to give reparations to the people,” Yunus said. “The city’s worth something, and out of that collateralized asset, we can give the people a stimulus package in order to establish themselves economically.”

His words drew a large crowd, drawing the attention of police. Things heated up when tensions arose between the crowd and police, which ended in three arrests.

And when the crowd figured out the money didn’t exist, frustrations flared.

Mayor Hubert Yopp said Yunus has been arrested in the city before. Yopp said he also wants people to know that homes in the city aren’t for free.

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