Detroit woman convicted in gas station shooting sentenced to prison time

Shamicah Burton charged in shooting that was caught on video

DETROIT – A Detroit woman who was captured on surveillance video hiding a gun in her underwear before opening fire on a car at a gas station has been sentenced to at least 10  years in prison. 

Shamicah Burton, 20, apologized in court Tuesday after being convicted of assault with intent to murder and weapons charges. 

Watch the video here

“I apologize to the people that I robbed. I have nothing to say about the attempted murder," she said. 

She was sentenced to 10 to 20 years on the assault charge and 2 to 5 years on the weapons charges. 

Authorities said video from the gas station's cameras showed Burton and three other people standing outside a Dodge Charger on March 20 when a Pontiac Grand Prix pulls into the station. Words were exchanged, and Burton allegedly retrieves a handgun from the Charger's glove box, police said.

In the video, friends tried to hold Burton back, but she rushed to the Grand Prix and started shooting, hitting the driver several times, police said.

Burton was also charged in an armed robbery the day before, where she's accused of robbing two women at gunpoint on Fenkell Avenue.