Detroit police investigate after pickup truck crashes into home

Dodge Ram crashes into home at Dexter, Oakman

DETROIT – Detroit Police are investigating what caused a Dodge Ram pickup truck to crash into a home at Dexter and Oakman Wednesday morning.

"When I heard the noise, I thought I was dreaming," said Herb Washington, of Detroit. "Then I heard voices, then I smelled gasoline, and that’s when I knew something was wrong."

It was just after 5 a.m. when the pickup truck went up over the curb and onto to front lawn, crashing in Washington’s brick garage and leaving a gaping hole behind.

"My bedroom is on the other side of that door right there, and my mother’s is right next to that," he said. "I don’t even want to imagine what could have happened to us if he hit somewhere else."

Detroit police say the area of Dexter and Oakman is considered a residential/business area, and the posted speed limit is 35 mph. Investigators believe that speed is a factor in the crash because the pickup was split into several pieces and the damage to the home was so severe.

"This has been my mother’s home since 1962," Washington said. "It means as much as a house can mean to someone."

Washington lives at his family home to take care of his 91-year-old mother, who is being treated for Bipolar disorder.

"My main concern is getting this hole boarded up so people can’t walk inside, I don’t know where to start," he said.

Detroit police told Local 4 that the driver was a 22-year-old man, and that he and a passenger were taken to Henry Ford Hospital to be treated for injuries. Police do not believe alcohol was a factor, but the cause of the crash is still under investigation.

If there’s anyone that would like to help Herb and his mother with the cleanup, you can reach them at h.washington@hotmail.com.