Parents heartbroken over daughter's death in Macomb County Jail

Jennifer Meyers dies serving 30-day sentence for being behind on child support

MACOMB COUNTY, Mich. – A family is torn apart and a mother is heartbroken after a woman died while serving a 30-day sentence inside the Macomb County Jail.

Jennifer Meyers, 37, was sentenced to 30 days in jail for falling behind on child support, but it ended up being a life sentence. After she was escorted into the Macomb County Jail, she died from sepsis 12 days later.

Thousands of viewers have responded to the Local 4 Defenders' story, and many of them want to know, 'where is the human dignity for inmates?' If someone is so sick that they're sweating and curled up in a ball, suffering in pain, why aren't guards and medical staff giving them the attention anyone would expect and deserve?

Meyers' parents said their daughter was more than an inmate. She was a mother, a daughter and a sister. They said she almost didn't make it into the world because she was born premature -- weighting 3 pounds and 5.5 ounces. She barely survived.

"People were running around, they were hollering on the PA," said Russell Hubble, Meyers' father.

"She was a fighter," said Diane Hubble, Meyers' mother. "She was such a fighter. Any baby that has to go through all of that."

Diane and Russell Hubble said their daughter was a happy child, playing T-ball and joining the Girl Scouts.