Reminder: Not clearing the snow from your car roof is illegal (and dangerous)

DETROIT – Living in Michigan, we see it every time we get snow.

Drivers in rush hour who didn't feel the need to clear the ice and snow from the top of their car roofs. 

The next thing you know, a blizzard of roof snow or flying ice coming right at you. It's extremely dangerous.

In fact, Michigan is one of 12 states where not doing this is illegal -- you can be fined for distracted driving.

Much of Metro Detroit was hit with more than 7 inches of snow on Sunday night - Monday morning.

Another snow storm may begin Friday afternoon into Saturday with a possible wintry mix blending in. We will keep our eye on this storm as we head through the week.

Jeff Rossen from the Today Show took a look at this issue after the huge snow storm on the east coast this weekend.

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