Ferndale police: Woman super drunk when she drove Jeep onto railroad tracks

Jeep struck by train without woman inside

Noel Maree Delahaye
Noel Maree Delahaye

FERNDALE, Mich. – Police suspect a 28-year-old woman who drove her Jeep onto railroad tracks and got it stuck Thursday night in Ferndale was super drunk behind the wheel. 

Police said she drove the SUV off northbound 9 Mile Road about 10:30 p.m. and onto the tracks near Pleasant Street. The Jeep became stuck on the tracks and eventually was struck by a train. The woman was not inside the vehicle when it was struck. Ferndale police said they believe she is lucky to be alive because the impact from the train would have killed her (see photos of the Jeep below).

From police: 

A 28-year-old Ferndale woman drove her car off of 9 Mile Road northbound on the railroad tracks to near Pleasant St. where her Jeep got stuck on the tracks. She called 911 and informed the police dispatch that she was stuck on the tracks in Birmingham. Ferndale Police transferred the call to Birmingham police who determined that she was actually in Ferndale.

Ferndale Police then got a call that a train had struck a car on the tracks. When officers arrived, they found her standing near the corner of Pleasant and Wolcott talking on her cell phone with Ferndale Police Dispatch.

 After an investigation and field sobriety tests, officers arrested her for OWI. Breath test results were .19.

Officers are still investigating to determine whether pills found in her purse were also a factor in the accident and whether she possessed them legally or not.

Noel Maree Delahaye faces an operating a vehicle while intoxicated charge. 

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Here are pictures of the Jeep after the crash:

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