Inkster motel with 'long history of drug trade' shut down due to fire code violations

Michigan Motel on Michigan Avenue known as 'hotbed of crime'

INKSTER, Mich. – Inkster police said the Michigan Motel on Michigan Avenue has been a hotbed of crime for years, but on Monday, it was shut down.

Residents living near the Michigan Motel were thrilled when Inkster police and the Michigan State Police shut down the motel. The doors were padlocked after officials found fire code violations in 25 rooms that had long-term residents living in them.

"There's a mom, there's a grandma, there's kids inside of this place," MSP Lt. Mike Shaw said. "They're just trying to get by."

"I'm not going to have anywhere to go tonight," a resident said. "I'm trying to work that out, but I will deal with that."

"We're trying to do everything we can to help those folks find somewhere else to go," Inkster police Lt. Jeffery Smith said. "We've been in contact with other motels and other agencies, and trying to give these folks some help as far as moving to a different location that's safe and clean for them."

But the raid wasn't only motivated by fire safety. The Michigan Motel and the liquor store next to it have a long history of crime. Police found evidence of a drug trade at the liquor store on Monday morning.

"There's cutting agents, pill presses, there are containers that you actually use to magnetize to the bottom of vehicles so you can transport narcotics," Shaw said.

Neighbors said they're glad police shut the place down.

"The motel and the store, always trouble," a resident said. "There's even been killings in the parking lot, so kudos to the Inkster police."

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