Rookie Northville Twp. officer helps save life on first call of his career

Tyler Schmittou saves 64-year-old man's life

NORTHVILLE TOWNSHIP, Mich. – An officer with the Northville Township Police Department saved a life Monday on his first day on the job.

Tyler Schmittou, 23, responded to a 911 call around 8 p.m., when a 62-year-old man was in cardiac arrest. It was the first call of his career.

Officers performed CPR and used an automated external defibrillator to shock the man.

"My dad is passed out on the floor," the 911 caller said.

"Does anyone there know how to do CRP?" the 911 dispatcher asked.

"No," the caller said.

As the dispatcher talked the man's daughter and wife through giving him chest compressions, Schmittou got the call.

"It's crazy that that would be the first one I go to," Schmittou said. "But as you know, you never know what's going to happen."

Schmittou was part of a team effort. Officers took over giving chest compressions, while Schmittou was tasked with getting the AED ready to shock the man.

"I think it's something I will always remember, obviously, being that it's my first run, but also that it had such a great result," Schmittou said. "I hope to have many more results like this."

The man is making a full recovery. In Schmittou's vehicle, the AED was donated by Firehouse Subs.

"We're lucky that we got there in time to save his life," Schmittou said. "Like I said, it's a great feeling.

Schmittou and his training officer have also made an arrest in another case.

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