Massive haul of stolen power tools found in Roseville, St. Clair Shores

31-year-old St. Clair Shores man arrested

GROSSE POINTE SHORES, Mich. – Around $100,000 worth of power and construction tools stolen from Grosse Pointe Shores were found at a man's home and storage unit, officials said.

Police said they could almost start a new store with the amount of equipment they recovered. Now they face the massive job of getting the tools back into the hands of the rightful owners.

Some of the tools turned up in Roseville. The rest were found in St. Clair Shores.

Grosse Pointe Shores police said they were looking to find out who stole some equipment last week, but they found items stolen from multiple counties.

Police said one man ripped off from construction sites and work trucks over several months, possibly even years.

"At least 10 communities in Oakland and Macomb counties," Grosse Pointe Shores Public Safety Director John Schulte said.

Last week, someone reported they had some work gear stolen in the city. GPSPD checked street cameras and spotted a truck leaving the scene. The department traced the license plate to a house in St. Clair Shores.

When police got to the house, they were floored to find what they're calling a jackpot.

"More than $100,000 in stolen tools, equipment, etc.," Schulte said.

Officials believe the tools were stolen over many months.

"Open vehicles, opportunities, open construction trailers," Shulte said. "Larceny is a crime of opportunity, (it takes) but a second to pick up property and make it yours."

Investigators discovered the 31-year-old St. Clair Shores man stored even more stolen equipment at a Roseville facility.

The man was arrested, and police said he revealed the many places from which he had stolen. As the man awaits charges, police are looking to work with the victims to get the tools returned.