Brighton dealership says panhandler turned down full-time job offer

Auto dealership puts up sign discouraging handouts to panhandler

BRIGHTON, Mich. – An auto dealership in Brighton put out a sign discouraging people from giving money to a panhandler after management said it offered him a job and he turned it down.

A sign under the hood of a car at the dealership was created as a public service announcement. It reads, "Please do not give anything to this panhandler. We offered him a full-time job at $10 per hour. He said, 'I make more than any of you,' and he did not want the job. Please donate to a more worthy cause."

Workers at the Honda dealership declined to comment on camera, but there were plenty of comments on social media. The sign and its message went viral.

"It's a scam," Brighton resident Dan Golem said. "People like me, people like you, we're working trying to provide for our families, and they're just standing there."

Felicia Tubbs works at the Shell Gas Station across the street. She took pizza to the car dealership employees.

"I don't like them standing there," Tubbs said. "No one else does, either. I think it's great that the dealership put some effort into trying to get rid of them."

For a year and a half, she said a duo of panhandlers would stand at the road with signs saying, "Homeless, please help." They were asking for money. Drivers knew them and described them as a father and son.

"At first, you feel bad for them," a driver said. "But then it's day after day, week after week."

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