INTERVIEW: Italian Ambassador visits Detroit, talks FCA and G20 Summit

DETROIT – Italian Ambassador Armando Varricchio is touring the U.S. and stopped in Detroit to meet with business leaders. Local 4 spoke to him about his trip, the G20 Summit and about the Motor City.

Varricchio had been to Detroit before, but this was his first time as ambassador. He visited Fiat Chrysler where he met with Sergio Marchionne. He said he was impressed with what FCA is doing.

“The automotive industry is a driving force of innovation so around Fiat you have a large number of companies working in the automotive sector bringing innovation and attracting investment,” Varricchio said. “Italy is one of the largest investors in Michigan so I think this is a further reason for me to come here and to talk to people and to promote further connections.”

Varricchio was a diplomat before becoming ambassador in 2016 and specialized in global issues. He was deeply involved in the previous G7 and G20 summits.

The G20 Summit is currently being held in Hamburg, Germany.

“This is an important opportunity for the leaders to talk about global issues, like trade, climate change, economic growth, and also for some foreign policy issues,” Varricchio said.

Varricchio said that regional issues become global issues rather quickly and the need for cooperation between nations.

“Relations with the United States of America are the number one priority of our foreign policy,” Varricchio said.

Varriccio commented on the beauty found in Detroit’s contemporary architecture and specifically mentioned the greatness of the Detroit Institute of Arts.

Watch the full interview above.


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