Woman, kids verbally attacked with racial expletives in Dearborn Heights

DEARBORN HEIGHTS, Mich. – A pregnant woman said she and her two kids were walking in their Dearborn Heights neighborhood when a pickup truck that drive by slowed down and a woman yelled racial expletives at them.

They kept walking, and said they came upon the couple in question. The woman said it appeared as though that woman was waiting for them, so the mom started recording 

"She proceeded to say, 'Get out of here, Detroit is that way, N-word, B,' and then she said, 'I’m going to shoot you,'" the mom, Mikea Eberhart said, adding that the tirade she recorded was unprovoked. "You see, I’m clearly pregnant. I’ve got my kids, and you’re threatening to shoot me and my kids? Is it that serious?"

Eberhart's 12-year-old son and 13-year-old daughter witnessed the altercation. 

"I was scared," the young girl said. "(I) didn’t know people still look at us like that."

Eberhart said it’s her children’s reaction that got her emotional.

"I noticed my son -- he kept looking back," Eberhart said. 

"When she said she was going to shoot us, I was scared for my mom," the 13-year-old said. "She had her purse like, I thought she was going to pull something out."

Eberhart, who is a nurse, moved to the neighborhood three years ago. 

"I didn’t work hard to get here for someone to determine whether I can walk up the street or not. That’s not going to happen," Eberhart said.

Local 4 News was unable to reach the homeowner in question.

Eberhart posted the video to Facebook and took it down hours later after a number of racially charged comments, but she said she hopes speaking about what happened brings awareness to what could be happening in someone's backyard.

"We are all the same," Eberhart said. "We're just different colors. Everybody is not ignorant. Everybody is not thieves. What could go for one could go for all."

Dearborn Heights police are investigating.

Police said if you find yourself in a similar situation, leave the area and immediately calling 911. 

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