Sterling Heights mayor to Twitter troll: 'Go to hell ... You're an a------'

Mayor Michael Taylor responds to man trolling him on Twitter

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. – The last generation called them instigators or rabble rousers, but this generation calls them trolls because they troll social media looking to start trouble.

Sterling Heights Mayor Michael Taylor said that's exactly what he encountered on Twitter recently, and he used vulgarity that some people were disappointed to see from an elected official.

The argument started over a brand new skate park that hasn't opened to the public yet. A man online was giving Taylor a hard time over some cracks in the concrete, and it escalated from there.

Screenshots captured the argument as it was reduced to name-calling.

Taylor said the man is a Twitter troll whose friends are affiliated with his political opponent and doesn't even live in the city.

Kevin Lee tweeted, "That entire project is going to be one big crack to throw taxpayers' money in. Vote for Jeff Norgrove."

Taylor responded with a tweet that said, "Go to hell, Kevin. Seriously. You're an a------."

Lee posted a crude comeback of his own, and after some discussion about the mayor's choice of words, Taylor said, "Kevin Lee is a troll who blames me for a crack in the concrete at a city skate park. He's an a------, and I'm sick of it. If that offends you, I'm sorry. But that's how I feel about him."

"I just think people shouldn't be disrespectful either way," resident Susan Lambardo said.

Taylor declined to comment on camera, so Local 4 asked residents about the incident. Some understand his frustration, but think he should rise above it as the mayor.

"Other mayors have done similar things, but I just think you're held to a higher standard," Lambardo said.

"I don't think it's a big deal what the mayor did," resident Joshua Fenton said. "But I certainly wouldn't want someone in charge using that kind of language."

Taylor said he didn't know if his remarks were dignified as the mayor, but he stood by his statements.

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