Southfield police talk to girl about consequences of yelling false 'stranger danger'

Father says girl was upset because he didn't buy her a hat she wanted


SOUTHFIELD, Mich. – A 7-year-old girl was spoken to by police officers about the consequences of yelling “stranger danger” when it’s not true after she prompted authorities to investigate a possible abduction in Southfield on Tuesday.

According to police, the girl was with her father shopping for a jacket and hat at the Burlington Coat Factory on Southfield Road at about 11 a.m. and became upset because she didn’t like the hat her father bought her.

Witnesses said the girl was struggling and hitting the man, screaming “stranger danger.”

About 10 calls were made to police providing information about the child after the picture was released. The girl’s mother also called police.

Detectives went to the family’s home in Ecorse and confirmed the identities of everyone involved.

Police said the girl was talked to about the consequences of her yelling “stranger danger” when it was not true.

Southfield police said they did not receive a report of a missing child, but wanted to put the word out in case the girl was in danger.

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