Gun, cellphone found during manhunt for double shooting suspect in Ortonville

Police search for Michael Joseph Quigley

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ORTONVILLE, Mich. – Police in Oakland County are continuing to search for a man wanted in connection with the shooting of two people at an Ortonville apartment complex.

Oakland County sheriff's investigators are searching for 34-year-old Michael Joseph Quigley in connection with the Tuesday night shooting.

Police said Quigley shot his estranged wife and a man at a home in the 90 block of Village Court in Ortonville. The shooting victims are in stable condition. Police said they both suffered single gunshot wounds.

Police said a 3-year-old girl -- the male victim's daughter -- was in the home at the time of the shooting. She was not injured. She is with other family members now.

During the search, police found the .22-caliber silver revolver that they believe was used in the shooing. Police said they found the gun in a bush near the apartments.

Quigley's cellphone was found near the same spot.

Officials said they have thoroughly searched the area without finding Quigley. They said there have been no reported sightings. Deputies will continue to search until he is found, police said.

Authorities said the public can resume normal activities in the area with a heightened awareness.

Anyone who sees Quigley is asked to call 911 immediately. Nobody should approach him.

Police say gunman pushed way into home

The Oakland County Sheriff's Office said Quigley pushed his way through a door into the apartment where his estranged wife was visiting a male friend.

"He pushed his way into the apartment where an argument took place between those present. At this time, Quigley fired off multiple shots using a .22 caliber silver revolver," reads a statement from the Sheriff's Office. "One bullet struck the male victim in the eye and another bullet struck the female victim in the back of the head."

Police found Quigley's truck when they responded to the shooting Tuesday night. Officers have been searching the woods near the shooting scene with a K-9 unit and a helicopter flying above.

Police are asking people in the area to stay in their homes.

Couple going through divorce

Quigley's wife filed for divorce Nov. 7. 

"We know that he was distraught over their separation," said Capt. Gary Miller, of the Oakland County Sheriff's Office. 

According to the Sheriff's Office, Quigley's wife was in the process of obtaining a personal protection order and was due to have a hearing in front of a judge Wednesday. 

As for the male shooting victim, it's unclear what his relationship to the woman is at this time.

Quigley recently involved in hit-and-run

Police said Quigley was arrested Friday and held in the Oakland County Jail in connection with a hit-and-run crash.

He was released on bond the following day, when he voluntarily checked himself in to Common Ground, where family members said he was seeking treatment for an opiate addition, police said.

Schools closed Wednesday

The search has forced several school districts to close Wednesday as a precaution.

Quigley was wrestling coach

Lake Orion Community Schools said Quigley was a wrestling coach at a middle school in the district. The district would not say at which middle school he was working. The district said he was a seasonal coach and never worked as a teacher in the district. 

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