Mysterious boom rattles residents who saw bright light, heard explosion in Lincoln Park

Residents rattled by possible meteor in Metro Detroit

LINCOLN PARK, Mich. – A possible meteor lit up the sky Tuesday night across Metro Detroit, and residents who saw it were captivated.

"The whole sky lit up very bright," Lincoln Park resident Adam Schenke said. "It was like daytime outside."

For a couple of seconds, Schenke said, he couldn't believe what came across his windshield as he headed home in Lincoln Park.

"Maybe, probably, 30 seconds," he said. "I pulled in my driveway and I heard a very loud explosion, and people came outside and said, 'It's fireworks.' I knew it wasn't a firework."

Others admit the light looked like a fireworks display.

Video captured the phenomenon, showing the sky glowing as the result of one racing light, or possibly two.

What people witnessed left them convinced that something was falling or racing through the atmosphere.

"What I noticed was a point that lit up everything and thn disappeared," resident Clifford Ginsburg said.

While the glow or flash of light was mesmerizing, what people heard soon after the glow left them puzzled.

"It scared me," Ginsburg said. "It was loud. It has a shock wave to it. It rattled the pictures in my house. Yeah, it scared me."

As experts work to confirm exactly what caused the light in the sky, many who witnessed it are convinced it was a meteor.

You can watch Jermont Terry's full story in the video posted above.

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