Repair crews prioritize patching 'wheel breakers' during pothole season

Drastic weather changes create major pothole problems in Metro Detroit


DETROIT – Warmer temperatures are on the way this weekend, which means Metro Detroit's pothole problem is only going to get worse.

Driving through Metro Detroit can be tricky. It's like a game. You try to avoid hitting pothole after pothole after pothole.

"It's dangerous, man," tow truck driver Salman Sufyn said. "It's really dangerous."

Sufyn knows all too well about the roads in Metro Detroit and the damage they can do to tires.

"I had three calls just yesterday (from) people hitting the potholes," Sufyn said. "I usually drive in the middle lane because the middle lane is the safest lane, but it's really dangerous. It's a big problem."

Craig Bryson, of the Oakland County Road Commission, said this is where his crews come in. Several crews are riding up and down major highways, patching up the most dangerous potholes.

"Obviously, we're seeing them all over town right now," Bryson said.

Bryson said it's due to the extreme weather conditions.

"Right now, with the fluctuations we're seeing in the temperatures, from the sub-freezing to up to 50, and back to subfreezing, it's just perfect weather for the creation of potholes," Bryson said.

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