Ferndale police chief defends decision to let officer's mother go after she blew twice legal limit

Chief Collins says he knew he was giving her to responsible family member

FERNDALE, Mich. – Ferndale police Chief Timothy Collins is defending his action of not ticketing a driver who blew twice the legal limit. 

The chief said the fact that the woman's son was a police officer did not play into his decision. Other factors led to the decision, he said. 

The arrest was captured on video, and it took the Local 4 Defenders some effort to obtain that video. At first the Ferndale Police Department said the video did not exist. A Freedom of Information Act request was denied by the department. However, after persistence from the Defenders, the chief said he found the video in question. 

Watch the video here: 

This video shows a traffic stop back in April of 2016. Chief Collins pulled over a 70-year-old woman after she rolled past a stop sign. The driver shared some information with him:

"My son is a police officer," she said. 

Collins: "OK. Where does he work?"

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