Students across country plan school walkout to protest gun violence

Students plan 17-minute walkout in honor of those killed in Parkland shooting

DETROIT – On Wednesday morning at schools across the country, students who want to protest gun violence are planning a 17-minute walkout.

The walkout is 17 minutes in honor of the 17 students who were gunned down by a former classmate at a high school in Parkland, Florida.

Different school districts have different rules, and there's no telling how many students will decide to walk out. Some districts are encouraging a different response altogether.

The group behind the walkout is the Women's March Youth Empower group. Every district is aware of its online campaign and response to it has varied.

For example, L'Anse Creuse East sent a letter home to parents, telling them they have decided on a "We Walk Up, Not Out" challenge, asking students to walk up to others they don't know or have different views to engage with them instead of walking out.

The editorial board at Grosse Pointe North's high school paper said it won't be walking out because of how the situation has been handled by the administration.

At Cass Tech High School, both parents and administrators are ready to keep students in line during the walkout. They said there will be no getting out of class just to hang out off campus.

Some students are very earnest about the planned walkout, saying the tragedy in Parkland has spurred debate about school safety.


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